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Archive for March 2021

All Together Now - 03.25.21

Eleanor LeCain talks with Hibaaq Osman, Director of Kamara, about Arab Spring 10 years later - What has happened in the Mideast over the past 10 years? Have social movements pushed countries towards greater freedom and democracy, or has there been a backlash of repression? What’s happening with the women in the region? What can the Biden administration do?  (www.el-kamara.org).

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All Together Now - 03.18.21

Eleanor LeCain talks about what’s in the American Rescue Plan and how it will help working people, unemployed people and families, with Tamara Fucile at the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities in Washington, DC (www.cbpp.org).

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All Together Now - 03.12.21

Eleanor LeCain talks about the “Shecession” - the impact of the pandemic on women economically – and how the American Rescue Plan will help women and families, with Ariane Hegewisch, Program Director of Employment and Earnings at the Institute for Women's Policy Research in Washington, DC (www.iwpr.org).

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