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Eleanor LeCain discusses rethinking America’s role in our changing world with Gordon Adams, a high-level Washington DC insider (the senior White House official for national security and foreign policy budget in the Clinton administration) willing to challenge establishment thinking.

Eleanor LeCain discusses how the Constitution came into being and how it can and can’t protect us from a power-hungry president with Cynthia & Sanford Levinson, authors of Fault Lines in the Constitution: The Framers, Their Fights, and the Flaws that Affect us Today, an easy-to-read book on the origins of our Constitution and its application today.

Eleanor LeCain talks about solutions to our climate crisis with Dr. Arjun Makhijani, author of Prosperous, Renewable Maryland: Roadmap for a Healthy, Economical, and Equitable Energy Future, and President of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research in Maryland (www.ieer.org).”

Eleanor LeCain discusses engaging business to strengthen our democracy with Sarah Bonk who left her position as an executive at Apple to found Business for America.

Eleanor LeCain discusses how every day Americans are winning democracy reforms in cities and states across the country with Joshua A. Douglas, author of Vote for US: How to Take Back Our Elections and Change The Future of Voting and professor at the University of Kentucky College of Law.

Eleanor LeCain talks about how we can win needed changes through nonviolent direct action campaigns with George Lakey, author of How We Win: A Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigning and professor of Swarthmore College.

Eleanor LeCain talks about Healing the Body Politic with Steve Bhaerman, co-author of Spontaneous Evolution with Bruce Lipton, putting current politics in an evolutionary perspective.

Eleanor LeCain talks about how we can have a country where politicians put country over party, and decisions are made for the greater good not for political donors, with Josh Silver, Executive Director of RepresentUs and organizer of Unrig the System, the largest (and most fun) annual gathering of US democracy reform activists.

Eleanor LeCain talks about teaching our children to deal with race and racism, with Dr Jennifer Harvey, author of Raising White Kids: Bringing up Children in a Racially Unjust America and professor at Drake University.

Eleanor LeCain talks about the $4 billion paid to families of children maimed or killed by vaccines, the push to mandate vaccines and the importance of open debate on vaccines costs and benefits with James S. Turner, partner in the DC law firm of Swankin & Turner and Board Chair of Citizens for Health advocating for consumer rights to natural healing.

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