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Eleanor LeCain talks about ways to be healthy with Susan Weis-Bohlen, Ayurvedic practitioner and author of Seasonal Self-Care Rituals: Eat, Breathe, Move, and Sleep Better – According to Your Dosha.”

“Eleanor LeCain talks about understanding the resilience among people with few financial resources and ending poverty with Joanne Goldblum and Colleen Shaddox, authors of Broke In America: Seeing, Understanding, and Ending US Poverty.”


Eleanor LeCain talks about a Healing America Conciliation Project with Roger Kluck, a leader in the Alternatives to Violence Project which has brought together gang members, white supremacists and others to build connection and community – and he’d like to do that to build unity across America (info@projectsforacivilsociety.org).”    

Eleanor LeCain talks about the meaning of our era and how we can stay healthy naturally with evolution biologist and futurist Dr. Elizabet Sahtouris, and about removing Trump from office for leading an armed coup, Democrats winning the two senate seats in Georgia, and the nomination of Marty Walsh as Labor Secretary with Harold Meyerson, Editor-at-Large, American Prospect. 

Eleanor LeCain talks about public banking as a way for individuals, cities and states to have low-cost financial services with Ellen Brown, Founder and President of the Public Banking Institute.

Eleanor LeCain talks about effective ways we can protect ourselves from the pandemic, including natural modalities and vaccines, with James S. Turner, partner in the DC law firm of Swankin & Turner and Board Chair of Citizens for Health advocating for consumer rights to natural healing.

“Eleanor LeCain talks about how to bring the country together across the partisan divide with Dr. Kymn Harvin, author of the new book, The Soul of America Speaks: Wisdom for Healing and Moving Forward.”


Eleanor LeCain talks about how Georgia moved from Republican to Democratic in the presidential race, and the two US Senate seats in a Georgia run-off election this January that will determine which party controls the Senate and why it's so important, with Senator Nan Orrock of Georgia.

“Eleanor LeCain talks about the results of the 2020 election with Harold Meyerson, Editor at Large of The American Prospect, a leading political journal, and Korina Iribe, Arizona State Advisor with Movement Voter Project.who helped turn Arizona from red to blue.”

Eleanor LeCain talks about electing progressives with Madeline Kracov of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (www.BoldProgressives), and what to do if Biden wins and Trump refuses to leave, with George Lakey - activist, Swarthmore professor and a leader in ChooseDemocracy

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