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“Eleanor LeCain talks about why it can be a smart business investment to hire people  with criminal records, with business executive Jeffrey Korzenik, author of Untapped Talent: How Second Chance Hiring Works For Your Business and The Community, a guide for businesses on how to make successful hires of workers who are productive and loyal.”

“Eleanor LeCain talks about what’s happening in Afghanistan with Afghan woman leader Asila Wardak, telling the story of progress during the past 20 years when the US had knocked out the Taliban, and calling for humanitarian aid for Afghans now (even with the sanctions in place) to prevent widespread hunger. To learn more how to be supportive, contact her at asila.wardak@hotmail.com

“Eleanor LeCain talks about addressing the climate emergency, cultivating civil discourse, and learning from indigenous peoples with Libby Roderick, Director of the Difficult Dialogues Initiative at the University of Alaska Anchorage, co-founder of the Difficult Dialogues National Resource Center, and internationally recognized singer/songwriter, recording artist and activist (Libby also sings some of her award-winning songs).”

“Eleanor LeCain talks about the results of the 2021 election, what’s in the infrastructure bill, and how Democrats can win in the 2022 elections with Harold Meyerson, Editor at Large of The American Prospect, a leading political journal. Eleanor talks about cultivating civil discourse, addressing the climate emergency and learning from indigenous peoples with Libby Roderick, the Director of the Difficult Dialogues Initiative, Associate Director of the faculty development center at the University of Alaska Anchorage, co-founder of the Difficult Dialogues National Resource Center, and internationally recognized, award-winning singer/songwriter, recording artist and activist.”

Eleanor LeCain talks about why the MAJORITY of Americans are struggling economically and what we can do about it with Celine-Marie Pascale, author of Living On the Edge: When Hard Times Become a Way of Life and Professor at American University.

“Eleanor LeCain talks about the impact of the Occupy Wall Street movement on wealth inequality and democracy, on its 10th anniversary, with Heather McGee Hurwitz, author of Are We the 99%? The Occupy Movement, Feminism, and Intersectionality.”

“Eleanor LeCain talks about how the tax code is rigged for the rich and how we can change it to create a more fair and prosperous country for all, with Morris Pearl, former Wall Street executive, author of Tax the Rich!, and chair of Patriotic Millionaires who offers a rare insider’s view of how the system is rigged, and a blueprint on how we can fix it.”


Eleanor LeCain talks about how we can use money to bring healing and balance to our world, with Edgar Villanueva, author of Decolonizing Wealthindigenous wisdom to heal divides and restore balance.


Eleanor LeCain talks about lessons from the amazing story of people winning their fight to defend water from the toxicity of mining gold, leading to the first national ban against all mining (in El Salvador), with Robin Broad and John Cavanagh, co-authors of The Water Defenders: How ordinary people saved a country from corporate greed.

Eleanor LeCain talks about how we can live beyond a relentless drive for more which has brought us to the brink of climate catastrophe, with Tim Jackson, author of Post Growth: Life after Capitalism.

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