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All Together Now - 11.20.20 - Dr. Kymn Harvin

“Eleanor LeCain talks about how to bring the country together across the partisan divide with Dr. Kymn Harvin, author of the new book, The Soul of America Speaks: Wisdom for Healing and Moving Forward.”


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All Together Now - 11.12.20

Eleanor LeCain talks about how Georgia moved from Republican to Democratic in the presidential race, and the two US Senate seats in a Georgia run-off election this January that will determine which party controls the Senate and why it's so important, with Senator Nan Orrock of Georgia.

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All Together Now - 11.05.20

“Eleanor LeCain talks about the results of the 2020 election with Harold Meyerson, Editor at Large of The American Prospect, a leading political journal, and Korina Iribe, Arizona State Advisor with Movement Voter Project.who helped turn Arizona from red to blue.”

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