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Archive for April 2019

All Together Now - 04.25.19

Eleanor LeCain discusses how every day Americans are winning democracy reforms in cities and states across the country with Joshua A. Douglas, author of Vote for US: How to Take Back Our Elections and Change The Future of Voting and professor at the University of Kentucky College of Law.

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All Together Now - 04.18.19

Eleanor LeCain talks about how we can win needed changes through nonviolent direct action campaigns with George Lakey, author of How We Win: A Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigning and professor of Swarthmore College.

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All Together Now - 04.15.19

Eleanor LeCain talks about Healing the Body Politic with Steve Bhaerman, co-author of Spontaneous Evolution with Bruce Lipton, putting current politics in an evolutionary perspective.

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All Together Now - 04.04.19

Eleanor LeCain talks about how we can have a country where politicians put country over party, and decisions are made for the greater good not for political donors, with Josh Silver, Executive Director of RepresentUs and organizer of Unrig the System, the largest (and most fun) annual gathering of US democracy reform activists.

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