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Archive for March 2017

All Together Now – 03.30.17

“Eleanor LeCain talks about engaging young people and connecting them to nature and conservation careers with Angelou Ezeilo, Founder & CEO of the Greening Youth Foundation, dedicated to working with diverse, underserved and underrepresented young people to encourage them to become enthusiastic and responsible environmental stewards, nurturing a connection between young people and nature, and helping them find pathways to careers in conservation.”


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All Together Now – 02.02.17

February 2: “Eleanor LeCain talks about running campaigns with Rick Ridder, author of Looking for Votes in All the Wrong Places and past president of the International Association of Political Consultants.”

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All Together Now – 01.19.17

“Eleanor LeCain talks about healing race in America with Milagros Phillips, author of the new book, 8 ESSENTIALS TO A RACE CONVERSATION,” and Barbara Wien, professor of American University, about non-violent protests to the new administration.”

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All Together Now – 03.16.17

Eleanor LeCain discuss strategies to put emergency brakes on the extremist Trump/Republican agenda with contributor to The Indivisible Guide (one of the most effective centers of resistance) and Policy Manager with The Indivisible Project in Washington, DC, Gonzalo Martínez de Vedia.

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