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Archive for February 2016

All Together Now – 02.25.16

Eleanor LeCain discusses successful progressive governing (including governing with a gender lens, reducing homelessness and stopping violence) with Helene Schneider, the mayor of Santa Barbara, California and candidate for the US House of Representatives. Followed by a conversation with Ralph Nader on how the left and right can work together to reign in corporate influence on our government.

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All Together Now – 02.18.16

Eleanor LeCain talks about work-family balance and gender equality with Anne-Marie Slaughter, author of “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” and Unfinished Business, President and CEO of New America, and former director of Policy Planning for the US Department of State.

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All Together Now – 02.11.16

Eleanor LeCain talks about the Women’s Economic Agenda: Creating an Economy That Works for Everyone with Elise Gould, Senior Economist at the Economic Policy Institute

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Eleanor LeCain discusses gender equality with two women who helped make Iceland #1 in gender equality – Katrin Anna Gudmundsdottir and Bryndis Isfold - and discusses moving from social justice advocate to mayor with the new mayor of Alexandria, Virginia - Allison Silberberg.

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