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Archive for October 2014

All Together Now - 10/30/14

Eleanor LeCain talks about how citizens can have more impact on policy through Citizen Cabinets, a possible solution to counter corporate influence on government, with Steven Kull, Founder and President of Voice of the People.

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All Together Now - 10/23/14

Eleanor LeCain talks about Transformational Leadership with Robert Gass, co-founder of the Rockwood Leadership Institute.

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All Together Now - 10/09/14

Eleanor LeCain speaks with Donna Hall, President & CEO of the Women Donors Network, about the new study on the gender and racial composition of all 42,000 elected leaders in the US.

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All Together Now - 10/02/14

Eleanor LeCain talks about the dangers of toxic mercury in our tooth fillings with Charlie Brown, national counsel for Consumers for Dental Choice and a world leader for mercury-free dentistry.

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