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Archive for August 2014

Charlene Spretnak speaks with David Seamon, editor of Environmental and Architectural Phenomenology Newsletter (arch.ksu.edu/seamon/eap), about what supports or inhibits our sense of well-being in a built environment; Michael Specter's extremely biased take-down article about Vandana Shiva in The New Yorker; poem by Mary Oliver

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All Together Now - 08/21/14

Eleanor LeCain speaks with Raun Kaufman about his new book, Autism Breakthrough: The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All Over the World.

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Charlene Spretnak discusses and reflects on the causes, execution, and century-long aftermath of the First World War; poem by David Jones

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All Together Now - 08/07/14

Eleanor LeCain talks with Ambassador Connie Morella, President of the US Association of Former Members of Congress, about her experience in Congress, and how we can make changes so Congress will more effectively carry out the people’s business.

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