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Archive for August 2013

All Together Now - 08/29/13

True-Cost Economies vs. Cheater Economies -- Charlene Spretnak speaks with Randy Hayes, Executive Director of Foundation Earth, about their True-Cost Economies program and national scorecards [fdnearth.org]; also the "Larry Summers Is 0 for 6" Informational Campaign; poem by Audre Lorde

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All Together Now - 08/15/13

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All Together Now - 08/08/15

Eleanor LeCain talks with David Korten, author of When Corporations Rule the World and Agenda for a New Economy, on building a New Economy

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All Together Now - 08/01/13

The Koch Brothers vs Action on the Climate Crisis -- Charlene Spretnak speaks with Victor Menotti, Executive Director of the International Forum on Globalization [ifg.org], author of three of their recent (free) reports about energy moguls driving the Climate Crisis: Outing the OligarchyFaces Behind a Global Crisis, and Billionaires' Carbon Bomb; poem by Mary Oliver

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