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All Together Now - 06/28/12

The Earth Community and World Religions -- a talk with John Grim, co-coordinator of the Forum on Religion and Ecology; Thomas Berry's concept of "The Earth Community"; grassroots projects; bridging religion and ecology at Yale; emergingearthcommunity.org; poem by Catherine de Vinck

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All Together Now - 06/21/12

Strategies for a New Economy -- a talk with Stephanie Mills, bioregionalist and author of several books including Epicurean Simplicity and On Gandhi's Path, sharing her impressions of the recent conference "Strategies for a New Economy" convened at Bard College by the New Economics Institute on 8-10 June; neweconomicsinstitute.org; poem by Marge Piercy

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All Together Now - 06/14/12

Living Economies -- a talk with David Korten, co-founder of YES! Magazine, on the relational shift to from a “Suicide Economy” to “Living Economies”; also relational  advice for fathers this Fathers Day; also a Joycean celebration of Bloomsday (June 16th) in the Arts Corner; livingeconomiesforum.org

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All Together Now - 06/07/12

Buddhism in America -- a talk with Wes "Scoop" Nisker, who is editor-at-large of the national Buddhist journal Inquiring Mind, as well as a teacher of Buddhist mindfulness (vipassana) meditation, an author, and a comedic performer with several CDs and a DVD; program opens with a succinct account of what the Buddha discovered and taught; inquiringmind.com; poem by Gary Snyder

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