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Archive for January 2019

All Together Now - 01.28.19

“Eleanor LeCain talks about healing trauma and reducing violence and addiction with Roger Kluck, a leader in the Alternatives to Violence Project (call 888-278-7820 or email info@AVPusa.org).”


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All Together Now - 01.10.19

Eleanor LeCain talks about the wonderful bill introduced in the US House (the first bill introduced by the new Democratic majority) to strengthen democracy by cutting the influence of money in politics and expanding voting rights, with Aaron Scherb, Legislative Director of Common Cause.


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All Together Now - 01.03.19

“Eleanor LeCain talks about creating a world that works for everyone by re-inventing our economy in this generation with Gil Friend, a leader in the sustainability revolution, Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Palo Alto, California, and founder of Natural Logic helping companies with profitable sustainability strategies (natlogic.com).”

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